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Open Arms Adoptions’ mission is to provide a loving, stable home to every child in need. We work tirelessly to create an environment that embraces the unique set of circumstances each of our birth parents, prospective adoptive parents and children bring to us. Our goal is to create families who can successfully meet the long term needs of our nation’s unseen children.



Jackie Smigel, LSW



Jackie has worked in child welfare and adoption for over 30 years.  She started her career as a children’s services worker, where she found her passion for adoption. She spent 5 years providing intensive therapy for adopted children with attachment issues, has done work with infant, special needs and international adoption.  Simultaneously, Jackie also spent several years providing intensive home-based treatment for families, with an emphasis on children from the juvenile justice system.  Jackie’s vision of how families and birth mothers deserve to be treated culminated in the creation of Open Arms Adoptions in 2015.  Her greatest professional joy is playing a small part in bringing families together, particularly when that allows brothers and sisters to be reunited.

Amanda B2.jpg

Amanda B., LSW



Amanda has spent her entire career working with children and families. She worked with foster children and families for 10 years and had spent the last five working in adoptions. Amanda loves bringing families and children together. She is honored to be able to be a part of the process and to see everyone through their adoption journey.


Jodi R., LSW, MPA



Jodi holds a Bachelors of Science of Social Work from OSU and a Masters of Public Administration from OSU. Jodi has been an Adoption Social Worker for 18 years

Jodi loves helping families navigate the adoption process and watching them realize their dream for building their family. She loves supporting birth moms and dads. She enjoys being an OAA trainer.

Kayla B.png

Kayla B., LSW



Kayla graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene College where she majored in social work in order to help children and families. Her internship led her into treatment foster care and then she worked in case management for children and teens in community mental health for five years.  Kayla and her husband moved to South Korea to teach English. When they returned to Ohio, she chose to stay home to care for their growing family.  The couple fulfilled a lifelong desire to adopt internationally and then their family spent several years fostering children in Central Ohio.  During this time, Kayla’s heart for children in need of families continued to grow and she returned to work as an international adoption specialist.  In 2019, they welcomed a sibling group of four children into their family through another adoption.  Her passions include not only placing children in families, but also training and supporting those families so they can be best prepared for their lifelong journey.

Marci photo.JPG

Marcella R., LSW



Marcella began her social work career in the Public Child Welfare System in the ongoing department.  After seven years, she left to work in foster care case management, then found her love in the adoption field.   Marcella has worked in the adoption field for the last 23 years.  She works out of the Northeast Ohio office and is blessed to be a part of the Open Arms Adoptions team for the last three years.

Marcella holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Bowling Green State University and is a Licensed Social Worker and a Certified Adoption Assessor.  Her greatest joy in life are her two children that joined their family through adoption.  When not working Marcella can often be found diamond painting, cooking for her family or snuggling with their two kitties.

Jennifer W_Use This.jpg

Jennifer W., LSW



Jennifer graduated from Ashland University in 2012 where she earned her  bachelors of science in social work. She worked two years in child welfare, three years in community mental health, and a year and a half in a long term care setting. Out of the various areas she has worked in she prefers adoptions because it seeing the “happy side” of a tough job. It is rewarding to be able to assist a child in finding their forever home and to help build lasting families.

Beth S.jpg

Beth S., LSW



Beth graduated from Taylor University in 2009 with her Bachelor of Science in social work. She has worked as a Certified Adoption Assessor for 7 years and has prior experience in community mental health. Beth is passionate about bringing families together and caring for the hearts of all involved. She is honored to have the opportunity to navigate the adoption process with children and families.


Christine W., LSW



Christine holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from The Ohio State University. She is a licensed social worker and an adoption assessor. Christine spent the first part of her career working with children who have special needs and their families. Her focus was in early childhood and also autism.

Christine has worked in the adoption field for the last 6 years. She feels blessed to have a role in helping families prepare and navigate through their adoption journey.

Caroline G.jpg

Caroline G., LSW



Caroline graduated from Malone University in 2012 with her Bachelor of Science in social work. She worked four years in child welfare that included working as a Certified Adoption Assessor. She then spent two years being a foster parent within her local public agency.  She also has two years community mental health experience. Caroline has a genuine passion to help families on their adoption journey and is very excited and humbled to be working at Open Arms Adoption.


Mallory T., MSW, LSW



Mallory graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2011 and went on to pursue her Masters in Social Work while traveling abroad in England. She has been working in the foster care and adoption field since she returned to Ohio in 2015. Mallory is passionate about working with children and families and believes all children deserve permanency.  She is happy to be amongst a team who dedicates themselves to working with children and families alongside their adoption journey.


Doreen A., LSW



Doreen graduated from Capital University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  Doreen is a licensed social worker and a Certified Adoption Assessor.  Doreen has worked in a variety of social service settings for almost 30 years now.  She states as she looks back at her career, she would choose the same career if she had to do it all over again.  Doreen has previous experience as an assessor working with foster parents, foster to adopt parents, and international adoption parents.  Her passion is helping to create forever families.  Doreen is very excited to come on board with those who have that same passion.

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